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Gluten-Free Protein Cookie Bites

Healthy and flavor-rich, our gluten-free cookie bites have long deserved the strong appreciation of thousands of our customers who want to live healthier lifestyles, lose weight or diversify their workout and diet plan.

Every now and then, everyone wants to treat themselves to a delicious dessert and savor its taste with a cup of favorite coffee or tea. Unfortunately, a little moment of weakness can become a huge disruption to the decision to eat healthy and stick with a low-carb diet. Fighting dessert cravings often becomes an ongoing battle, and neuroscientists have confirmed that most of our eating weaknesses have been hardwired into our brain through thousands and millions of years of evolution. With Kay's Naturals gluten-free dessert bites, you no longer have to struggle with your cravings for something sweet and compromise your health. Available in a selection of delicious flavors, including honey almond, mocha espresso and cinnamon almond, our protein cookie bites are a perfect dessert for those who choose to stay fit and healthy!