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Low-Carb High-Protein Snack Mixes

Everyone has a busy lifestyle, and it can be hard to find the perfect healthy, low-carb snack mix with a Southern kick while you're on the go. Kay's Naturals has you covered with our high-protein and gluten-free snack mixes. These healthy, low-calorie choices are designed to give you the boost of energy you need to get through the day. Originally designed for diabetics, they have broken into the mainstream as a healthy alternative to traditional snacking. There are a whole 12 grams of protein in each serving, and the whole family can enjoy them because they're gluten-free! The Kay's Naturals Sweet BBQ protein snack mix has a rich flavor of classic barbeque taste that will satisfy your savory cravings, and the protein in them will keep you full while you go about your daily activities. Our white cheddar mix is a perfect way to get your cheese fix! Kay's Naturals blends a savory white cheddar cheese into a tangy lemon-lime finish for the perfect snacking experience. These savory snack mixes will satisfy any cravings, and the flavor will only grow with each bite you take!